Vaccine Experience #ThisIsOurShot

Our team came across some new missions this past week and we wanted to share them with everyone.

#ThisIsOurShot is a national, grassroots coalition of healthcare heroes and allies. So if you are on the edge about getting the Covid19 vaccine take a look at this clip from Good Morning America where you will see leaders and public figures from around the working taking the step and getting vaccinated.

Taking this a step further we take you now directly to the CDC portal which will walk you through each step of the process.

Items Covered Include:

- Where to find a vaccine center and how to schedule

- How vaccines work

- Safety of Covid19 Vaccines

- Types of vaccines available

- Possible side Effects

The other mission we found is through CVS Pharmacy called #OneStepCloser

Vaccines taking you one step closer to a normal life. One step closer to being with people. One step closer to having a normal life to live freely with no fear. To see many more messages like this one jump over and search #OneStepCloser by CVS on youtube.

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