Staff/Resident Covid19 Vaccine Clinic

We just got the green light that our Covid19 Vaccine Clinic has been SCHEDULED and is happening this Sunday 1/3 starting at 11:00am for all staff and for our residents!!!

As a thank you to all staff that have stepped up to be a vaccine hero Kris Lange, Owner will be giving each of you $150 for your 1st dose and another $100 for getting your 2nd dose as a thank you for doing what's needed and being a vaccine hero. This is one major step towards nursing homes reopening and we are so proud of our vaccine heroes both resident and staff members that have stepped up to say "YES" to receiving the vaccine. As of today between residents and staff we have over 90% of our community confirmed and ready to receive the vaccine which is a testament to the hard work you are doing in ensuring everyone stays safe and healthy.

Starting tomorrow 1/1/2021 Danyel, Shane, or Jeremy will be calling each staff member to lock in your time slot for Sunday so stay tuned and will see you Sunday!

1/3/2021 Update

Covid Vaccine clinic today for staff and residents was a HUGE success and we are so very proud of our vaccine hero's that stepped up and spent a couple hours today with us doing vaccine clinic for the residents and staff. We had amazing pharmacists from Walgreens named Kim and Terese which we hope will be the same ones again in 21 days on 1/24/2021 when we have our 2nd vaccine clinic for dose 2 of Pfizer.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna come in a series of 2 doses. The Pfizer vaccine's 2nd dose is administered on day 21 and the Moderna vaccine's 2nd dose is administered on day 28. Both Pfizer and Moderna have been approved through an EUA here in the United States and are thrilled to be able to offer this vaccine to our residents and staff.

By receiving the covid19 vaccine this DOES NOT mean that you should stop wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, etc but it does mean that this is one major step forward for the U.S. in our fight against covid 19 and a major step forward towards getting loved ones back into long term care facilities to hug their loved ones and for life to start getting a little bit more normal again. This will still take time as more and more groups receive their covid 19 vaccine and protocols/policies by governing agencies adapt so we want to thank you for your patience as we all fight for the same goal.

We want to again say THANK YOU to our vaccine hero's that have stepped up to help fight this pandemic and THANK YOU for doing what's right in protecting loved ones both here in the nursing home and within your communities.

With Love,

Your Caring Acres Family

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