Covid19 Testing Update - Caring Acres

The Team at Caring Acres understand how vital it is to stay informed on the status of covid-19 in the nursing home and those affected which is why we will be posting data to our website so that you can stay informed. This blog post will be your one stop source to see how many staff and residents are covid19 positive and the testing efforts being accomplished by our x2 trained employees. In the event your family member were to test positive for SARS-Covid19 you will immediately be contacted by a member of our team to discuss next steps and discuss additional details.

Positive SARS-Covid-19 individuals as of today:

* Residents: 0 - ZERO

Special Note: Due to new guidance; testing for new resident admissions or residents outside of the building for >24 hours or overnight are tested immediately upon entering and again 5-7 days later. Cass County continues to have a high positivity rate and our team continues to remain vigilant and to quickly identify any new cases out of our control while remaining compliant with regulations. We strongly encourage families to maintain proper social distancing, mask use, and be hyper aware of their surroundings and risk they are taking when taking residents off site or for overnight stays.

* Staff: 0 - ZERO

Inconclusive results pending a Full Lab PCR​

*Residents: 0 - ZERO

*Staff: 0 - ZERO

Cass County Community Transmission Rate - Iowa


Staff Vaccination Rate 100%

Resident Vaccination Rate 100%

The Team at Caring Acres continue to follow all guidelines as set by the CDC - Centers for Disease Control, DIA, and CMS. We take this pandemic extremely serious which is why we work so closely with our local public health office, IDPH, DIA, and have established additional protocols in addition to current recommendations. We have an enhanced screening process, x3 rapid testing machines onsite giving us results within 15 minutes on a test, require all staff to change into uniforms onsite with onsite laundry service daily, shoe sanitization area, electrostatic sprayer/fogging machine, uv sanitizing towers, and many other infection control processes so that we can maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

In the event you see any number next to residents or staff other than 0 under positive or inconclusive it means we are under an enhanced protection status. In the event Cass County is in a RED (>10%) or Substantial (8-10%) county transmission rate this too means we are under an enhanced protection status. Although IDPH considers a concern as 3 or more confirmed positives, CMS has different guidance and is considered to be any single case. Nursing and Rehab centers must follow the most stringent regulations so in this case we must follow the CMS regulations regarding testing, activities, dining, etc. For more information on what this means and items that it changes with us please see the blog post named 'What does it mean when there's a Positive' or jump over to for the latest QSO guidance.

Inconclusive results pending a full lab PCR means that the in house testing device we received has given us both a + and a - result. To determine the accuracy of which result is correct a full PCR is required to be processed by a full lab capable of running a PCR panel as a PCR panel doesn't look at an antigen level but breaks down the RNA of the specimen to check for the virus. Inconclusive results also mean for staff that they immediately leave the facility pending the result and for residents that they are immediately isolated to their own room, get assessed every 4 hours, and staff entering that room are required to wear full ppe including: gowns, goggles/shield, n95 respirator that is disposed of when exiting the room and wear shoe coverings. Our team has taken this a step further and have placed x2 uvc sanitizing stations in the hallway and an oversized in-room 5 stage hepa system that includes ion, uvc, and activated carbon filtration.

We also want to take a moment and remind everyone of the various ways to stay connected with your loved ones:

Additional Forms of Communication: A designated resident phone line has been setup to accept incoming calls. (712-762-4535). A Resident only e-mail account has been setup ( > Once a message is received a member of our team will work with your loved one to compose a reply. We have also setup an additional email where general questions can be sent and a member of our team will get back to you ( Video chats are also available through Facetime and Google Duo.

With your help, we will get through this together. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 712-762-3219 or send us a message


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