What Does it Mean When There is a Positive

To Our Residents, Family Members, and Staff:

What you need to know:

- Family visits may be canceled depending on the severity

- Activities in the main building may be canceled and individualized activity packets distributed to each resident

- Resident assessments will take place twice per day

- No outside items will be allowed into the facility

- Severity will be assessed and all residents may be asked to remain in their rooms till we have received a facility wide all clear from governing bodies

- Staff and Residents will be tested every 3-7 days through the use of our in house Covid19 testing machine and the utilization of our private lab partners

- In Room Dining may be started with the utilization of disposable paper products to prevent any potential cross contamination

- All staff working the main level around residents will be switched from 3ply masks to N95 masks - All ventilation systems may be shut down and fresh air brought into the building through predetermined locations in each hallway

- Laundry personnel will no longer come to the main level and resident laundry will be distributed by Nursing Personnel

- Facility wide Staff testing will continue as this is what alerted us to the initial concern and staff screenings including temperature checks will continue before and after each shift

- Residents that smoke will still be allowed to do this but will be required to wear face masks when moving to and from their room to the outside and only while outside in the smoking area will they be allowed to remove their mask to smoke.

- Staff may be required to change out of their personal clothes into work uniforms before starting their shift and staff uniform laundry will be done daily

- Staff may be required to sanitize their shoes prior to entering the facility and will continue to follow all entrance protocols that have been set

- Facility Resident WIFI access can be requested through maintenance for all residents to access at no cost during this period. We hope this will allow residents to reach out in additional ways to their family members and remain active and engaged

Below is a breakdown of a real life example from a positive result notification we received on 9/11/2020 but is used as a basis for the steps that are taken and the rapid response our team has. Information regarding positive cases can now be seen on our website.

- - - - - - -

At 11:45am on September 10th we received communication from our contracted lab that had just completed routine facility wide testing of all staff that one of our staff members had tested positive for Sars-Covid19 even though they were not showing any symptoms. Routine facility wide testing of all staff is conducted in compliance with CMS guidance related to county positivity rates. This staff member is not a direct care worker (ie: providing hands on care with residents) but does work within the building. Our team immediately went into protection status which has triggered multiple new preventative items to control, mitigate, and ensure all residents and staff remain healthy.


- At: 11:44am Communication was received from the lab regarding a positive test result

- At: 11:45am Contact was made to our infection control team to take action

- At: 11:50am Department heads met quickly to initiate Covid19 protocols throughout the entire facility including sanitizing all areas that the employee may have entered

- At 12:02pm Contact was made to our local Public Health office for Cass County alerting of the positive result and what steps were being put into place

- At: 12:00pm Phone calls to resident family members started

- At: 12:00pm Phone calls to all staff members started

- At 12:15pm Resident Covid19 samples started being collected by our nursing team

- At 12:45pm Our in house Covid19 testing machine was up and running with resident samples starting to be run giving us results back for each sample in 15 minutes

- By 1:30pm All family members and staff calls were completed where they were notified of the positive test result.

- At 2:05pm We spoke with our Medical Director for the facility giving an update on the facility status, initiated processes, and steps forward

- By 3:01pm All Resident Covid19 samples had been completed showing Negative results for all residents

- At 3:02pm Contact was made again to local Public Health office for Cass County with an update on the residents results

- By 4:00pm Update phone calls to all family members letting them know of their loved ones results were completed

We understand this is a very scary time for not only our residents, their families, but also our staff. Please know our team is working tirelessly to ensure our community stays healthy and will act swiftly in the event anything changes. We will continue to actively monitor the status of all individuals in the Caring Acres Family and act in accordance with all (CDC/DIA/CMS/State/County guidelines and will stay in close contact with all our family members, residents, and staff.

We also want to take a moment and remind everyone of the various ways to stay in touch with your loved ones as we know how incredibly important this is.

Additional Forms of Communication: A designated resident phone line has been setup to accept incoming calls. (712-762-4535). A Resident only e-mail account has been setup (residents@caringacres.com) > Once a message is received a member of our team will work with your loved one to compose a reply. We have also setup an additional email where general questions can be sent and a member of our team will get back to you (info@caringacres.com). Video chats are also available through Facetime and Google Duo.

With your help, we will get through this together. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 712-762-3219 or send us a message info@caringacres.com

For additional information, please visit the CDC’s coronavirus disease information page.

Sincerely, Your Caring Acres Family

Nursing and Rehab Center

Caring Acres