Caring Acres Pantry of Caring

As a family owned and operated business part of joining the Caring Acres community is becoming part of the family and knowing that your family will always be there. In keeping with the spirit and our mission “Where Caring Never Grows Old” a staff food pantry has been created.

Our owner understands that sometimes in life, well, life happens whether that be you need new tires for a vehicle, or an unexpected surgery, the demands and financial impact a family has with a newborn, or trying to buy gifts for the family this holiday, or sometimes we need just a little bit of extra help but don’t want to ask anyone. On top of the free meals that are provided to our staff we will now be offering an emergency food pantry.

A place where our staff can go freely – without pressure for when the unexpected happens. A place to grab diapers, a personal care item, food to make a meal, etc. This pantry is for you – the staff family – for when its sometimes hard to balance all that life throws at us.

Happy Holidays - Kris

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