Big Changes - Therapy Room and New Services

Shout out to our amazing owner Kris for all the new therapy equipment and our project team for an amazing Therapy room remodel. Today was the first day in the new space so it was great seeing residents already using the new equipment and loving the space. We also have a ton of seating now for family members that want to meet with the therapists and see what they are working on with your loved ones.

In addition to the Therapy remodel we have new furniture in our Hall 1 Family Space! This space has been setup for family care conferences with tons of new seating or those wanting to have a private family dinner with their loved one. This space also features our new smart screen technology which will be utilized for our new on-call mental health physician meetings where our team and residents will meet with leading experts in their fields addressing challenges that our aging community faces daily.

Our team is excited to incorporate these new tools to help our community and Resident Family and this is another space that has came out beautifully! This space can also be reserved through our Administrator or Social Services office for families that want a private space to have a family meal/get together.

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