A Moment of Reflection - Storm 6/28/18

For those that didn’t know already Anita was hit by a pretty bad wind storm on Thursday 6/28. The storm worked through town tearing apart tree by tree as it passed, causing significant damage to many homes. This storm caused damage not only to the trees around Caring Acres, it ripped half of the flat roof membrane off one of our hallways, causing massive amounts of water to come inside.

Our team reacted quickly and ensured all our residents stayed calm and uninjured. We are so proud of our team! To the families that called to ask if we needed help, and the fast response of our local vendors to start cleanup, we can't thank you enough.

Thankfully we had the perfect resident count that we had rooms available in other hallways that were unaffected so no one had to be discharged to other facilities. One of our team members captured this photo of owner, Kris Lange and her son Jeremy as they took a moment to themselves to say “It will all be ok. Our staff are safe, our Residents are Safe, Fire Safety systems are all operational, call lights are operational, and there’s no affect to our electric systems. We know that on this day, like so many we have experienced before, prove that someone was clearly watching over all of us.

To the staff who were off that came to help and their families, to past maintenance men Tyrone Hull and Rusty Williamson, to the cooperation of our residents sharing their rooms and providing comfort to each other - From the Bottom of Our Hearts - We Thank You. There is no greater community than Anita, IA!

Photo Credit: Victoria Endriss (Kris’ daughter that also jumped to action to come help)

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