Virtual Reality (VR) in a Nursing Home – WE THINK SO! Coming August 2018

Caring Acres is excited to share some amazing new technology coming to Caring Acres in August 2018. Starting in August our team will now have the ability to utilize Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. We have been monitoring the studies closely which are showing amazing progress in assisting in pain management, decreasing anxiety and depression, and giving new opportunities to those that never thought possible. Its been a lengthy process in getting our commercial license for VR use and last Tuesday everything was approved!

So what is Virtual Reality (VR): VR is a wearable device that you place over your head covering your eyes. VR has a built in screen and audio that results in total 360 degree immersion into different surroundings utilizing both visual and audible senses. These devices interact with your body movement so if, in real life for example you motion that you are climbing a wall - in the VR environment you really are climbing a wall. Another way to look at this is: look at a picture from a family gathering 8 years ago now envision having a video of that day where you could look all around that room, hear first-hand the conversations that took place, and even follow someone into the kitchen where the meal is being prepared.

Now Imagine This:

You just got a hip replaced and at times have excruciating paint. At Caring Acres you will now be able to utilize our VR headsets and transport yourself wherever you want – maybe it’s a beach in Australia or maybe you want to play a game to escape. With the VR multi-sensory environment you quickly forget about that pain. In fact studies have shown that with just 10 minutes of VR use your pain will decrease at minimum 24%.


Imagine you have always wanted to ride a horse but due to a medical condition and being wheelchair bond you had to let go of that dream. With the use of a VR headset our team can now transport you to the Grand Canyon where you will be able to ride along the trails and enjoy the amazing surroundings, listen to the birds chirp, and see nature at its finest. A dream you once thought impossible, now made a reality with the Caring Acres VR headset!

Another advantage of the use of VR is in advanced staff training. In VR we can build real life scenarios and train staff on advanced techniques in working through situations. Maybe it’s a resident with severe Alzheimer’s that displays aggression – in VR we can build an environment based on leading studies and the proper way to handle that situation. Or maybe someone needs blood drawn and we want to give a refresher on proper techniques. In VR we get hands on training in a controlled environment.

Bringing VR to our Resident and Staff family focuses on our “Providing Exceptional Compassionate Clinical Care that Treats the Whole Person” change initiative. Our team at Caring Acres is thrilled to bring this cutting technology to our facility. We’ve been hands on with ours for 2 weeks now and seeing all the amazing possibilities that VR has to offer. Caring Acres is dedicated to further enhancing ones quality of life and making the stresses feel just a little bit easier.

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