Recruit and Retain Quality Staff

10 years ago an unthinkable event occurred where an EF-5 tornado struck a small town of Parkersburg, IA. It was during this event that Raymond Meyocks passed away. Now you may be asking; why does this matter to Caring Acres Nursing and Rehab Center, Anita, IA. The reality is it means everything. You see, it was because of this unthinkable event that kicked open the doors to Caring Acres becoming a reality for Owner, Kris Lange (Raymond’s daughter). Kris was raised with strong Christian values that Raymond had instilled in her and now it was time to put it all together and fulfill a dream, a dream of securing a small nursing home, recruiting a talented team, operating as a family, caring about each and every one of our residents and staff just like Raymond always did with his family and community. For it was on July 3rd 2012 that Caring Acres became a reality - a new independent - family run organization.

In this article we showcase and celebrate our talented team of innovative thinkers, our go-getters, and the team that will do whatever it takes to ensure that your loved ones receive the highest level of care that is possible. Now, don’t get us wrong, it took a while for us to make it to this point and we have had some amazing team members along the way that have helped shape and launch us to where we are today but it is in this point of time that we are filled with love and happiness to celebrate all the good this team has done and continues to do every day.

One month ago a final piece was put together. It was just one month ago where we welcomed our new Administrator, Nancy (Alff) Farley. Nancy comes to us with many years of experience as a nursing home administrator. She is heavily involved in her church congregation, in her community, and is thrilled to finally be part of such a caring and motivated team. In the next week all of our family members will be receiving a letter from Nancy so keep an eye out in the mail and if you are out and about please swing up to Caring Acres to introduce yourself. Nancy is thrilled to be working for a small, family run, organization once again, and is looking forward to getting to know everyone.

In addition to our new administrator, we also welcome our nursing administration team, Maggie and Melinda! Maggie and Melinda have worked in their roles for a while now and have both worked in many avenues of nursing care and are a beacon to the amazing things our team has done and continues to do daily. In the short time since moving into their new roles they have revamped and excelled the Restorative program, recruited one amazing team of Certified Nurse Aids where we are proud to say that we have slashed our turnover rate, and at this moment we only have a part time, RN position open to help on weekends. Both Maggie and Melinda work one on one with the nursing team in pushing them to learn new things, to think out of the box in a team atmosphere while remembering our cornerstone “Where Caring Never Grows Old”.

The future is bright for Caring Acres and we are thrilled with the work that we are accomplishing. Our first angel, Raymond, looks over us every day, guiding us down the paths of life. And even though the paths may have been rocky from time to time it is what has guided us to this point. This point with an amazing team, with strong values, a commitment to your loved ones to care endlessly, and a management team to recruit and retain quality staff.

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