Caring Acres  Management Team

Kris, Owner

Kris is our founder, owner, and Administrator of Caring Acres, LLC and has over 40 years of experience in the healthcare field. Caring Acres was established on 7/3/2012 in memory of her father, Raymond Meyocks, which life was taken during the Parkersburg Tornado. Our motto "Where Caring Never Grows Old" is a tribute to Ray's endless love for family and friends - a pillar of this company and a symbol of what love for family can accomplish.

Doug, Quality Assurance Nurse

Doug is our Corporate Quality Nurse providing individual guidance to the entire company with a primary focus on the nursing department. Doug graduated in 2010 and immediately started working in Long Term and prides himself in giving the best care possible. "Being a nurse comes with a great reward of making a positive impact and I look forward to working closely with the residents and families in providing excellent quality of life".

Cheree, Director of Nursing

Cheree is our Director of Nursing providing daily direction, support, and guidance to the nursing department. She has a strong background in the MDS/Care Plan process, is a returning employee with a proven track record of compliance, and has worked in mental health. Cheree finds passion in ensuring a high quality of life and care for those around, developing and maintaining a top tier team that works together to achieve resident and organizational goals.

Verna, Social Services

Verna is our Social Services Designee and has worked in this building for over 30 years. In her time here Verna has seen many changes not only in building remodels but in many legislative changes. In 2017 Verna decided to cut back on her hours to spend more time with family but you can be sure Verna is still around, ready to take on the next change, help family members, or assist our residents with anything they need help with.

Jill, Dietary

Jill is responsible for the Culinary Team at Caring Acres. Her team consists of a part time Dietitian, many Cooks, and Aids where they make homemade meals every day for not only our residents and visitors but also for our staff family. Jill also likes to change her menu often paying close attention to what ingredients are in season so you can be sure there will always be a fresh homemade meal and a cozy atmosphere to enjoy.

Kelli, Activities

Kelli is our Activities Coordinator responsible for not only the engagement of all our residents but also in finding new and innovative ideas to meet residents at their individual needs. Kelli came on board our team in May of 2015 and has since became licensed with the State of Iowa. Some of our residents’ favorite activities include golf cart rides around the park, music events, holiday gatherings, and the yearly road trip just to mention a few.

Ty, Facility Services

Ty joined the Caring Acres community in 2016 and has since carried out countless facility wide projects making a positive impact to both the staff and resident quality of life. He serves as our facilities engineer ensuring regulatory compliance and standards across many environmental areas. You will most likely find him renovating areas or working directly with residents and staff to meet their individual needs.

Jeremy, Special Projects

Jeremy facilitates multiple interests from technology resources, managed care, vendors, HR, etc. He holds a background working for the State of Iowa DHS and Nationwide Insurance making him a subject matter expert in many areas. Jeremy also assists in navigating the political landscape a skill he gained while working with many Legislators and other members of the Government both here in Iowa and while living in Washington, DC.

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After Hours Appointments can be scheduled through the Administrator's office

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