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To Contact Kris & Jeremy directly:

Dear Caring Acres Family,

This letter brings great joy, but also great sadness to me.  I am writing to let you know that effective Nov. 1 2022 Caring Acres Nursing & Rehab Center Anita, IA was sold to Recover-Care and Managed by Mark Hasting, Anew Healthcare. 

This has been a very difficult decision for Jeremy and I, however we believe that a larger company can bring more resources, expertise, and guidance to everyone in the ever-changing environment of long-term care. Anew Healthcare is also committed to keeping all existing staff, vendors, and resources in place which was important to Jeremy and I.

A little information about Mark.  Mark is the sole owner and operator of Anew Healthcare, based out of Blue Springs, MO.  He started his company as a Durable Medical Equipment Provider out of his garage and developed his company from there.  Mark is the current owner of 7 facilities in Missouri and Kansas and brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to the long care term industry including his innovative thinking, the use of housekeeping robots, the utilization of companion robots to check on residents with dementia that utilizes many different historical details about their lives and family in hopes of retaining special people or events, and adding strategic partnerships to be efficient and improve resident care.  When we met with Mark we got a great feeling that he carries the same values we hold for each of our staff - hardworking, caring, and strives to do what’s best for our residents.  Mark brings together multiply experts in our field from Corporate Nurses, Managers, MDS Experts, Technical support, and others.  In addition to his organization he has an amazing support system from the team at Recover Care which is a nationwide organization. 

As for me and Jeremy, we are excited to see what the future brings for both of us. Jeremy started working for the State of Iowa – Department of Administrative Services, Procurement Office which is currently focused on dispensing much needed PPE thru out the state.  As for me, I am very excited to say that I have become part of the American Red Cross and will serve in deployments to grief-stricken areas across the nation from Puerto Rico, Florida, Alaska, etc as part of their DAT (Disaster Action Team) and as a DHS (Disaster Health Service) member.

With 42 years in the healthcare industry I want to again thank you all for making the last 10 years of long term care the best of my career.  I will continue to hold each of you close to my heart and pray for continued success of Caring Acres.




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